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++++ World Innovation: World´s First commercial highly sensitive magnetic beads ELISA test for coronaviruses ++++ GENEKAM Biotechnology AG, Germany

Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed a number of tests for detection of coronavirus (Wuhan strain). These are real time PCR kits, which are ready to use with only two steps for pipetting. The results will be highly accurate and specific. The assay will complete within 2 hours. One can run 96 well plate,  there is possible to detect 92 samples (2 samples positive control and 2 samples negative control). One of biggest advantage of Genekam test is that one needs to run only one assay against 3 different assays being used through some users. Usually single check assay is sufficient, but there are other assays like double and triple check, where the samples can be used on different samples while testing them double and three times. The wide range of samples can be used for testing e.g. blood, plasma, serum, buccal swabs, nasal swabs (including throat), urine samples, tissues like lymphnodes, testis. kidney etc.

Genekam has developed also multiplex assays to differentiate between other viruses like influenza, MERS and so on.  These assays can be used to detect similar type of viruses effecting respiratory system.

Genekam offers a various kinds of RNA isolation kit e.g. magnetic beads as well as mini column based. They can be used on different kinds of samples needed for coronaviruses. One can isolate around 100 ul of RNA, which can be stored for long term use. These kits provide very high quality RNA.



Corona Virus 2020 (WUHAN STRAIN)*

 Cat. Nr.:                                               Name of the ready to use PCR kit                               Amount                      Price* *  

 FR475                      Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan Strain specific) Realtime PCR              100                            699,- €

 FR476                      Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan strain) + other related Viruses              100                            799,- €
                                       (bat) (Multiplex) Realtime PCR                                                                                                              

 FR477                      Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan strain) + other related Viruses              100                            999,- €
                                       (bat) + MERS (Multiplex) Realtime PCR

 FR478                      Bat Coronaviruses Realtime PCR                                                             100                            499,- €

Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan Strain specific)                                       100                            899,- €
+ Influenza A

 FR483                            Fluhunter Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan Strain),                                          100                            999,- € 
                                        HCoV N63, OC43 and 229E                                                                                                                  

 FR436                          Fluhunter Influenza A, B and C multiplex                                                   100                            999,- €

 K526                            Bat Coronaviruses conventional PCR                                                         100                            599,- €

 FR799                          Identification of human ß-Actin (Realtime) CE                                            100                            499,- €

 K525                            Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) conventional PCR          100                            599,- €

 SB0079                       RNA isolation kit (Mini column)                                                                    100                            249,- €

 SB0079b                     RNA isolation kit (Mini column)                                                                    250                            450,- €

 SB0101                       RNA Isolation kit (Magnetic beads)                                                              100                           149,- €

 FR500                         Fluhunter: Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan Strain specific)                       100                            799,- €
                                     Double check Realtime PCR kit                                                                                                                

 FR700                         Fluhunter: Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific)                        100                            999,- €
                                     Triple check Realtime PCR kit

 SB0234                   SARS-Hunter (Plasma therapy accelerator)                                                                                  1399,- €

 THER001                    Wuhan strain specific inhibition molecule    (Sterile)                                     200 µl                       399,- €

 THER002                    Wuhan strain specific inhibition molecule    (Sterile)                                     200 µl                       399,- €

 THER003                    Wuhan strain specific inhibition molecule    (Sterile)                                     200 µl                       399,- €

 THER004                    Bat coronavirus specific inhibition molecule (Sterile)                                    200 µl                       399,- €
                                     (This is for bat related coronavirus 2020)                                                                                                  

 THER005                    MERS inhibition molecule  (Sterile)                                                               200 µl                        call

* only for research

** Prices are ex factory, shipping charges and sales tax are extra. Our business terms apply





More products are available on the following website:

Our Realtime kits are compatible with all machines from ABI, Cepheid, Rotagene, Stratagene, Techne, Bio-Rad Chroma 4 and Bio-Rad CFX96, Analytik Jena qTOWER³, Bioneer, Ianlong Gentier 48, MIC. (Hint: All trade marks are properties of their owners)

All PCR Kits contain forwarder and backward primers, fluorogenic probe, positive control, negative control, polymerase, nucleotide and buffers (in case of RNA kit: it contains RNA to cDNA chemicals: reverse-transcriptase, ribonuclease inhibitor, dNTP etc.). User has to add your DNA or RNA template to them. The kits expire after 1 year, if they are stored at -20°C. All of our products are made in our laboratory in Germany. We can give you the certificate of German origin, as some countries may need this certificate.







Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ 1: Contents of ready to use real time PCR kit for Coronaviruses? Answer: Genekam Kit contains all components to run a real time PCR: mastermix, RNA mix, primer, probes, negative control and positive control. Internal control for RNA isolation is not included. It needs to be ordered extra. The kits can be used immediately on arrival.

FAQ 2: Which internal control can I order? Answer: As coronaviruses are RNA viruses, therefore one has to use RNA internal control. It is FR799. It detects the presence of RNA in isolated samples (indication of successful isolation).

FAQ 3: Do I need RNA isolation kit? Answer: yes, user needs RNA isolation kit. Genekam has RNA isolation kit based on mini column SB0079 or magnetic beads SB0101. However one can use RNA isolation kit from other manufacturers available on the market.

FAQ 4: Which gene do the PCR kits target? Answer: Genekam kits e.g. FR475 or FR500 double check or FR700 triple check are highly specific for Wuhan strain, but we donot release any information, which gene is the target as this is our technology. Please make sure that once Genekam Kit e.g. FR475 gives positive results. These must taken very very seriously.

FAQ 5: Which thermocycler can the user use with the kits? Answer: Genekam real time PCR kits can be used on various real time thermocyclers available on the market. Genekam provides only standard temperature in manual, hence user must have the knowledge how to do the software setting as many machine manufacturers give training how to use the machine and how to do about such settings. In the case of difficulty, one has to contact the machine manufacturer: how to do the software as there are somany machines available on the market as it is impossible to run the kits on all machines.

FAQ 6: Does Genekam tell them name of institutes using its products? Answer: Genekam does not usually release any information about names of institutes.

FAQ 7: Do Genekam kits need a special laboratory setup? Answer: Yes, one needs laboratory with a real time PCR machine. It may be mobile also!

FAQ 8: Do you primers and probes come from other world organisation? Answer: No, Genekam kits are its own technology detecting highly specific targets, which will give highly specific and sensitive results. No part of the kit is coming from any other world organisation.

FAQ 9: Do the present mutations effect the results through Genekam PCR kit FR475? Answer: No, Please see the followings: Following mutations shown in the table does not effect the results of following mutations, hence FR475 will give excellent results.

ORF1ab C3267T T1001I
  C5388A A1708D
  T6954C I2230T
  11288-11296 deletion SGF 3675-3677 deletion
spike 21765-21770 deletion HV 69-70 deletion
  21991-21993 deletion Y144 deletion
  A23063T N501Y
  C23271A A570D
  C23604A P681H
  C23709T T716I
  T24506G S982A
  G24914C D1118H
Orf8 C27972T Q27stop
  G28048T R52I
  A28111G Y73C
N 28280 GAT->CTA D3L
  C28977T S235F


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