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Genekam SARS-Hunter to generate antibody therapy for coronavirus patients at hospital level

Genekam has developed a machine called SARS-Hunter, which can generate the antibodies from the plasma of recovered patients, but it can be used at the hospital level. Today there are many reports that plasma of recovered patients can be used to treat the coronavirus infected persons as plasma is rich in major molecules of the humoral response also known as immunoglobulins. In many countries, one can create small biotech companies, which prepare the antibodies from plasma of recovered patients. Such companies attached to hospitals or blood banks can establish a quality management system equal to GMP e.g. generation of human antibodies, defining potency of the dose (once one is using regularly as therapy), running a sterility test and confirmation of antibodies along with maintaining the record of donors about the screening of different pathogens e.g. HCV, HBV, HIV, Dengue / Zika (where these viruses are prevalent). Till today, this market is controlled through some of the big biopharma companies, but with the Genekam SARS-Hunter solution, this is offering new opportunities to many persons around the world who has experience in biotech methods to start their own advance biotech companies to serve human beings. To do the production of antibodies from plasma, one must need to work under sterile conditions (small sterile laminar flow costs Euro 4000,- is needed), hence at the end, one must conduct sterility test, which can be done e.g. culturing on blood agar (bacterial contamination test is a must) as well as cell cultures, if possible. Genekam Biotechnology AG is developing more advance solutions in the field of therapeutic antibodies, which are going to be 100% human (not from a cell line e.g. CHO as done today, these are recombinant antibodies with a lot of side effects, but FDA and EMA are approving them as human antibodies, therefore it is misleading to say that these are human antibodies).


This machine offers opportunities to develop cheaper human antibodies and may solve the problem of shortage of potential therapeutic agent as there are millions of recovered persons around the world, which can donate the plasma multiple times!

Application of these antibodies: They can be used as therapy, but they have one big application, these can be given to persons e.g. health workers, physicians, police, army dealing with coronavirus infected patients or material as these antibodies are going to give the protection for a few days, hence this solution can ease the need of vaccine. These are human antibodies, which should have relatively fewer side effects

SARS Hunter has two parts: one machine and reagents. (These are sterile reagents made with sterile highest quality components; one has to buy the reagents regularly. The machine is one time investment and can be used for a very long time. Moreover it is light, hence it is mobile.)